Nutanix AHV & Array Networks vAPV8.6

AHV configuration – Array Networks vAPV 8.6 on AOS 4.7 and later – Virtual Appliance Deployment
Configuration of vAPV (Virtual Application Delivery Controller) 8.6 on Nutanix Acropolis Hypervisor pre-requisite:

  • Version of AOS 4.7 and later
  • Choice of Hypervisor: AHV
  • Version of vAPV 8.6 and later
  • VAPV 8.6 qcow2 or Raw image

Prism Configuration

  • Download vAPV 8.6 image from Array Networks download portal onto a local machine.
  • Access Prism of the Nutanix Cluster on which you plan to deploy vAPV.
  • Use the image service to Upload the image.
  • Create a VM with vCPU, RAM and NIC configurations as recommended by Array Networks for vAPV.

NOTE: Do Not power on the VM till the below configurations are complete.

Nutanix ACLI Configuration

  • SSH to the cluster IP and login to CVM
  • Access acli command line
  • The VM should be in power off mode prior to making the below changes.

Disable hyperv_clock (with hyperv_clock enabled, the VM fails to boot up.)

  • vm.update VMNAME extra_flags=”enable_hyperv_clock=False”
  • example:

vm.update Array\ -\ vAPV8.6 extra_flags=”enable_hyperv_clock=False”

Array – vAPV8.6: complete

Create serial port (without serial port, VM update won’t work.)

  • Example:

vm.serial_port_create Array\ -\ vAPV8.6 type=kServer index=0

VmUpdate: complete

Power on the appliance from Prism and the appliance should boot up fine and display the login prompt.

Follow instructions from Array Networks on how to configure vAPV.


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