Lenovo ThinkAgile Network Orchestrator

Lenovo ThinkAgile Network Orchestrator integrates with Nutanix Prism for Lenovo Ethernet switches to deliver VM (Virtual Machine) workflow automation to the datacenter.  ThinkAgile Network Orchestrator is available in the Lenovo Cloud Network OS (CNOS).

ThinkAgile Network Orchestrator delivers real benefits to the datacenter:

  • Reduces OPEX – by removing maintenance windows, reducing complexity and eliminating human errors via automation of manual tasks
  • Increases Uptime – through faster responses to network changes via dynamic automation
  • Elevates Efficiency – by dynamically responding to VM changes and reducing dependency on network administrator for managing the physical network

Customer Pain Points:

  • Data center silos that create server admin dependency on network admins
  • Virtual Machine changes that create network disruption and result in maintenance windows to manually update the physical network
  • Manual network provisioning resulting in increased human errors, increased downtime and increased costs

ThinkAgile Network Orchestrator simplifies the administration of Nutanix Hyper-converged Infrastructure by:

  • Automatically configuring the physical network based on the discovered virtual network topology
  • Detecting changes in the virtual network and dynamically updating the physical network in response to new VMs, updated VMs, and deleted VMs, without user intervention
  • Providing ongoing monitoring of the virtual network to maintain configuration sync with the physical network
  • No longer require pre-configuration of unused VLANs as mitigation for future VM changes. Eliminating any security concerns with broadcasts on unused VLANs.

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